Five Tips To Market Your Business Abroad

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Are you looking to market your business overseas? Below are five tips on how to approach international marketing that will benefit your business. 1.  Is there a demand for your product or service overseas?  Don’t make assumptions that there is a need, the internet has opened up the market worldwide and you may have received some orders from abroad, however, it doesn't mean there is a real requirement.  Take time to research new markets, consider how your business will translate.  Customer expectations will be very different from the UK. 2. Once you are satisfied that there is a requirement [...]

Is Thomas Cook A Lesson In Listening To Our Customers?

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 Since the invention of the internet, our world has transformed at a phenomenal rate, and it is really difficult to keep up with the latest trends, technology and demands from consumers. Customers are more connected, they have more choice and demand more from brands. How do brands keep up and how do they evolve? What I do know, is that to understand who our today and future customers are is so important to enable brands to survive in such a competitive market.  Brands more than ever need to listen, and when I say listen I don’t mean run data [...]