It’s Time To Get Personal

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It's Time To Get Personal It’s time to get personal with your customers. Personalising your marketing will help your business engage with your customers as well as increase sales and loyalty. It's not always easy to start, companies such as Amazon and Netflix have been doing this for years and have access to big data and intelligent AI that enables them to connect the customer dots. Their data includes website behaviour, browser history and previous purchases, all of which translates to a very personalised experience for their consumers. However, if your marketing isn’t personal then you could be adding [...]

Four Mobile Marketing Tips For Travel Marketers With Slim Budgets

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Four Mobile Marketing Tips For Travel Marketers With Slim Budgets Marketers have a difficult challenge on their hands when it comes to travel businesses, as there are a number of hurdles in the way. The market is exceptionally saturated, and the big players have huge budgets, which give them the ability to price smaller companies out of the market. Not only this, but searchers do a huge amount of snooping online before they are ready to make a purchase. A lot of the time they use their mobile phone to make such searches, which is why mobile marketing [...]