Consumer Trends Now and Next Year

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Consumer Trends Now and Next Year There is no doubt we are now in the ‘experience’ economy. The need for physical and emotional connections with a brand is on the increase. Now more than ever businesses need to focus on the interactions customers have with their brand and the experiences they can offer. Below are the top five five trends that I believe will be paramount to a successful business. THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY If you haven’t already, mapping out the customer path is key. Defining your customers’ journey across all touchpoints, and making any necessary improvements will deliver competitive [...]

It’s Time To Get Personal

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It's Time To Get Personal It’s time to get personal with your customers. Personalising your marketing will help your business engage with your customers as well as increase sales and loyalty. It's not always easy to start, companies such as Amazon and Netflix have been doing this for years and have access to big data and intelligent AI that enables them to connect the customer dots. Their data includes website behaviour, browser history and previous purchases, all of which translates to a very personalised experience for their consumers. However, if your marketing isn’t personal then you could be adding [...]

Email Marketing Optimisation: Why It’s A Must

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Email Marketing Optimisation: Why It’s A Must Email is one of the most powerful tools any business has at its disposal. However, so many companies are failing to take advantage of this. If you are to ensure your marketing campaign is a success, you need to optimise your emails effectively. Just think about how many emails you receive every day. Do you read all of them? I'm sure there are plenty that you delete without a second thought. You need to make sure that your business’ emails do not end up in the bin. Instead, they need to [...]