Consumer Trends Now and Next Year

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Consumer Trends Now and Next Year There is no doubt we are now in the ‘experience’ economy. The need for physical and emotional connections with a brand is on the increase. Now more than ever businesses need to focus on the interactions customers have with their brand and the experiences they can offer. Below are the top five five trends that I believe will be paramount to a successful business. THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY If you haven’t already, mapping out the customer path is key. Defining your customers’ journey across all touchpoints, and making any necessary improvements will deliver competitive [...]

Three Tips To Improve Results Using Real Time Ads

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Three Tips To Improve Results Using Real Time Ads Three Ways You Can Achieve More Out Of Existing Investments With Real-Time Ads Moments define our collective experience. No one wants to miss out on a big moment, be it a brand or a fan. This should be viewed as an opportunity for brands to make their current assets work harder. Take a look at your existing investments – the moments that people already have access to – and you need to repackage them to improve them. Below, we have put together three ways marketers can get more out [...]

The New Consumer Journey For Travel Customers

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The New Consumer Journey For Travel Customers More and more travel customers are turning to their smartphone to get the information they need before making a purchase. In fact, conversion rates in the past year have grown by 88 per cent on mobile travel websites. Users are also spending more and more time researching before they make a decision, as they are faced with so many options while planning a trip. This has meant that the typical consumer journey for travel customers has changed. This is something we will assess further below. Micro-Moments When designing the perfect user [...]