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A Short Story of The Amazing Pink Egg

Once upon a time in a land not so far away lived an Amazing Pink Egg. The Little Pink Egg was a bit smaller than some of the other eggs in the village but one thing is certain; The Amazing Pink Egg stood out from the other eggs because of its magnificent bunny ears and feet. The Little Pink Egg was different, and it didn’t really want to be like all the other eggs, so embraced its unique qualities and passion for helping unite people searching for particular things and particular people. In a quest to find like-minded eggs; The Amazing pink Egg sent token gifts to selected individuals to share its story and to see if it could help others who wanted to stand out. The Little Egg knew how hard it was to find new connections so it sent Amazing Pink Eggs hoping to spread a little cheer and maybe start a conversation or two.


We hope this light-hearted tale made you smile. We understand you are a very busy professional, so thank you very much for stopping by. Sometimes it is nice to pause, even if just for a small moment of time.

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