For over 20 years, we have been helping businesses increase sales and win more new customers. Here are our top advertising tips that will help achieve better results!

  1. If your advertising strategy is the same as five even two years ago, then it is time for a review. Consumer behaviour has changed and still is changing. You should assessing today’s marketing landscape. You may be paying more now using your old strategy talking to less potential customers! Digital is disrupting consumer behaviour!
  2. Do some competitor research, you should know what offers, guarantees, prices you are
    competing against in order to make your offer the most attractive or at least comparable.
    Be creative …. if you sound or offer the same as your competitors, why would they go to you.
    offer something different or deliver your message in a different memorable way.Be engaging create your own personality online, encourage customers to interact with you, be their adviser help them with their questions, engage them using the appropriate platforms on a regular basis.
  3. Be consistent .. I have seen many businesses that spend a substantial amount of money on advertising but have managed to get it to work against them. If you have different audiences then use different messages for example you cannot communicate and engage with a 20 year  old female using the same message and tone hoping to reach a 60 year female. The generic advertisement works against you, as more people are likely to switch off.
    Your brand identity should remain the same on all media platforms but your messages need to be tailored to the mediums used.
  4. Be referred – customer referrals are one of the best ways of winning new business.
  5. Digital plan – Your website is a vital part of your business and can generate leads and calls 24/7.   Ask yourself how does your website look if you have one, does it reflect your business on the high street? How many times have you searched for something online clicked on the link and within 3 seconds jumped out again because you did not like the image that the website portrayed? We all have, how much business are you really losing? Get a professional looking website! For more information read our 7 top tips on creating a digital strategy!

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